I am a current PhD candidate at the University College London. 


The field of I/O Psychology drew me in firstly because of what it represents: a belief that the scientific method of evidence-based psychology could work hand in hand to aid in solving the issues the business environment is continuously facing. My interests lie in the foundation of both these sides. I have a deep interest in the philosophy of where our work values emerged from, the way in which today's business environment is progressing, and the psychology behind how the people within these systems interact in the environment. I strongly believe that these components are interlinked to create three pieces of the same puzzle. Understanding that puzzle is what drives me to engage in helping instill the values that will be the foundation for the workforce of tomorrow. 

Please feel free to email me if you want further information or if you would like to collaborate. 

jobairjaber@outlook.com //// +44 7795955665 //// LONDON, UK